DM: free
VWD1: free
EIC: free
PRA: free
X-SID: free
ECVO: free (28-07-2023)
Fluff: free
ED: 0
LTV: 0
L8: 0
Natural bobtail
COI: 24%
28 cm at the withers
12 kg
Available as stud, for suitable females
Show results:
1x BOS CAC best male at HRV Summer's End Show Belgium
4x 1e place category
5x excellent
placed 4th with a very good at the Champion Club Match 2022 of the Dutch Welsh Corgi association.
Notes for judges:
1,5 years, on the smaller side but still masculine, god muzzle, enough dark eye,
good ears, good proportions, good neck, good bone, a bit short ribcage, enough
angulations back and front, bobtail, oval feet, a bit open summercoat, a bit erratic
on the move, could be more stabile in front, excellent temperament.
2nd place very good.
- Thomas Rohlin, 02-07-2022, at Utrecht - Outdoor Summer Show

Very pretty head
Excellent head and out line.
Good top line.
Wish he was bigger
4th place very good
- Amanda Jayne Rees, 18-09-2022 at Welsh Corgi Speciality KCM 2022

Very typical in general apperance, masculin head, well placed ears, deep chest, good
topline, attractive colour, moves well.
- Rolf Blessing, 05-11-2022, at Bleiswijk - 31th International Dog

Balanced head. Clear eye, corr dentition. Good front and topline. Could do better
coordination on the move. Natural docked tail. Good feet.
- Berri Beare, 09-04-2023, at outdoor Zeeland 2023
Watson is being trained in Search and Rescue work. This includes victim searches ( in the woods, on the field, in rubble and indoors), detection (cinnamon) and obedience.

He has a lot of drive and loves to do victim searches. He is very independent, and knows how to find anybody high or low, even if he can't reach the victim.

Detection is a sport he loves to do, he sometimes get a bit too enthousiastic, when he doesnt know where to begin. then he needs a bit more guidance. He is really a honest male, that does an amazing job

He also tried herding sheep with him, he was very interested in herding and really has potential. unfortunately it's quite far away.
- Certificate scente trail of the Dutch track and detection union.
- different certificates of sport and obedience of the dogschool.